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RCAL's Representative Payee Service


Didn't recieve your stimulus check, Here's Why

When we receive someone's Social Security Payment monthly we get the payment in one of two ways:

  • By Check which has the persons name on it

  • By Direct Deposit from Social Security [the line item it states the persons name]

When we receive a stimulus payment from the IRS, they are supposedly using the Social Security System however we get the payment in one of three ways:

  • A Check which has both RCAL and the persons name on it

    • When issued this way, we deposit the check and issue a new check directly to the individual​.  This occurs usually within 3 days of receipt.

  • By Direct Deposit from the IRS [the line item states stimulus]

    • This creates a problem as we have no clear way of knowing who the funds were intended for.  We have to wait weeks for a follow up letter from the IRS stating that funds were released for an individual.  Then we have to confirm on the IRS's website that the funds for the stated individual went into RCAL's account.  This is not always possible.  Until all of these steps are complete we can not guarantee whose funds they are and therefore we are not allowed to release them. ​

  • By Third Party​

    • The previous Representative Payee receives the funds and forwards them to RCAL, when received we deposit them and issue a new check directly to the individual.  This occurs usually within 3 days of receipt.

Why is this an Issue?

We have no way of knowing without verifying if we received funds for an individual at all and we have a legal obligation to protect an individual's funds that we do receive.  This does slow down the process of distributing funds and can drag out the process for a very long time.  

I am sure you understand it may not be easy to get funds back from someone that shouldn't have received them.  It would also be illegal for us to disperse someone else's funds to a different person.  

There are several other reasons why we would not receive funds for an individual that we serve.  

  • These funds were held back by the IRS.

  • These funds were held back because of Child Support issues.

  • The individual works and files a tax return and has had their refund direct deposited to another account in the past. 

  • The individual logged into the IRS website when the stimulus was announced and redirected their stimulus payment away from RCAL.

How can you help the process along?

If you have not received your First or Second Stimulus Check by now please know that we have had a great deal of trouble disbursing these funds because we cannot prove whose payments we received.  The IRS did not clarify whose payments were included in those first two rounds. The IRS has blocked our access to check online for the recipients of the first 2 rounds of stimulus payments.  However, you may be able to help us. 

If you have not received your 1st or 2nd stimulus payment, we will need you to submit a verification that the funds were direct deposited into our account. Please follow the the below steps to complete the verification process:

  • Go to the IRS website

  • Click Get My Payment

  • Scroll down and click First and Second Payment Status (this will drop you down further)

  • Click view or create your online account

  • Click Create or view your account (blue button)

  • Click Create account (blue button)

  • Click continue

  • If you have the required information available, click yes

  • Repeat

  • Fill in the required information to set up your account.


Once this process is complete, please print out the verification and send it to us ASAP.  Then When we receive the verification We will be able to send a check out to you. 

Please send the verification to our Rep Payee department at:

                                                RCAL -  REP PAYEE

                                                727 ULSTER AVE

                                                KINGSTON, NY 12401

You may also fax it to 845-331-2076 or email to

When were the payments released to RCAL?

As of 06/04/2021, there have been three stimulus payments released to RCAL.  

  • The First Payment for $1200 was received by RCAL in March 2020.

  • The Second Payment for $600 was received by RCAL in January 2021.

  • The Third Payment for $1400 was received by RCAL in April 2021.

The IRS delayed releasing the last payment for almost a month past releasing the payments to the general public, the thought process was they were going to release to institutional representative payee's in a more manageable fashion.  Unfortunately, that did not work out, they caused the same issue only a month later.   The payments were released in the same manner as the last 2 payments.  Here is an interesting article about stimulus release.    Click Here

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