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Health Homes Case Management



What is Health Homes Case Management?

The Health Homes Program is a free NYS Medicaid program that ensures individuals get the healthcare and services they need. RCAL is one of 9 agencies part of “Care Management Partners of Ulster County.” Everyone in the program is assigned a care manager who works with individuals and their families to coordinate everything related to their care.


Who qualifies for Health Homes Case Management at RCAL?

Adults living in Ulster County who have Medicaid and two or more chronic health conditions. If you have HIV/AIDS or serious mental illness, you are eligible for the program (even if you don’t have a second chronic condition). 


Services offered by RCAL:

  • Connection to health care providers

  • Connection to mental health and substance use providers

  • Access needed medications

  • Get help with housing

  • Access social services (such as food, benefits, and medical transportation)

  • Connect with other community programs that can support and assist you

For more information on the CMP of Ulster County please visit their website at or reach out to us directly for more info at 845-331-0541.

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