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 NYAIL’s Disability Agenda


NYAIL is short for the “New York Association on Independent Living”, an Albany-based non-profit membership association comprised of Independent Living Centers throughout New York State. It helps to support the mission of Independent Living Centers by allowing for public education, advocacy, and system change and technical support.

As a member of NYAIL, RCAL contributes to the drafting of a yearly document, the Disability Priority Agenda. This document contains recommendations regarding budgeting and other issues that impact Independent Living Centers and the clients that they serve. By working together, member Independent Living Centers hope to affect meaningful change in the way that government addresses the needs of the disabled. You can visit their website at You can also view the latest Disability Agenda document by clicking on the link on the right.

 “The staff at RCAL have been exceptionally patient with me at every turn. They have given me all of the information and assistance I could possibly hope for while allowing me to continually make my own choices and decisions. Thank you!”

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