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2021 Annual Training Materials

This training has now been completed.
You must view the recorded training and meet all requirements by July 16th 2021 to maintain eligibility as an employee.  Thank you.  
Here is the Link to the training:
ttps://                    Passcode: I6Z+9u6U

This training will be held on June 30th, 2021.  at 1:00pm
This training is mandatory.  The training will be recorded and the link placed on this page.  If you are unable to attend and have your supervisors approval you must follow the link and watch the entire training.

Below are the handouts for the training and the required additional trainings.  Anything that is underlined is a link either to a training or a pdf file.  All trainings and required handouts are due to your supervisor by July 16th, 2021.

If you do not have access to a printer feel free to come to the office and we will be happy to let you use one. 

Abuse Prevention Information and Signature Page
PRAISE Training and Evaluation Form
Code of Conduct (Signature)
Corporate Compliance Policy Review and Signature page
Promoting Positive Relationships Test
Fire Safety Instruction and Test
Independent Living Philosophy (Instructions)
Hand Washing
Handout: HIPPA Reminders

Additional Training for DSP's

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