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RCAL Phone Tree

For the current Phone Tree and who you should call refer to the email from me on January 3r.  



Here is a reminder of some definitions from our Staff Days Off Sheet.


  • Phone Tree:  Please remember to refer to your phone tree if you receive a call or text about an unexpected weather-related Office or Building Closure.  Please pay attention to which it is and pass on the appropriate information.  Please follow all Phone Tree protocols.  Again, if there is a building closure and it is better for you to use PTO and not work, you are welcome to do so. 

  • Office Closure: When you hear that RCAL offices are closed, there is no expectation of work for that day.  If it is a scheduled holiday the payroll system will autofill your day with the regular number of hours that you would work that day. When scheduling PTO around an office closure, please check with your supervisor and team members to ensure proper building staffing. 

  • Building Closure: When it is announced that the Building is closed, RCAL is still in operation behind the scenes and you should still be working your regular scheduled time.  The building is closed due to safety (an example would be weather) or anticipated lack of staff (an example would be the afternoon before a holiday).  There is no Loan Closet or meetings in the building to be scheduled during a Building Closure.  You are welcome as always to use your PTO and not work during this time, if you do not have any appointments or something pressing.

Also please note, that if you have children or are a snow fun person or have a lot of shoveling to handle, please feel free to put in PTO and not work for the day.  If you choose to do that, please make sure that you cancel your appointments and speak with your supervisor about deadlines. 

Also please note that if you feel driving is unsafe and you have out meetings, you should contact the people you are meeting with and reschedule.  Even if RCAL is open and functioning, you must feel safe to travel or you should not do so.  You do not have to take PTO to cancel meetings, you should speak with your supervisor about an appropriate way to reschedule your time for the day.  


Thank you everyone.

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