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40th Year of Celebrations

Disability Advocates
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Anthony Mignone & Matthew Coumbes

Peter & JoAnna Mignone

Seniors Serving in Place Branch 209

RCAL Board Member,
Kathy McMahon and Jack Ruddick

Sue Hoger & Julie Greenwood

RCAL Board Member, Sheila Kilpatrick

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Friends of RCAL

RCAL Board Member, Florence Staats

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Nov. 2nd 6:00pm

RCAL Annual Friendraiser

RCAL in partnership with the Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce present our 2nd Annual Friendrasier. Come dance, celebrate and learn about our programing.  

June 4th 10am - 3pm

Esopus Community Day

RCAL is proud to partner with the Esopus Community Foundation for the 2nd Annual Esopus Community Day. 

Car Show, 5k Run, Kids Races, Food, Face Painting, music, and games for the whole Family.  Join us for a Family Fun Day. 

The logo of the Snowflake Festival featuring snowflakes surrounding the name.

Dec. 01st

KUBA Snowflake Festival

RCAL will have an informational booth at the festival. 

The logo for Saint James United Methodist Church.  The T is a cross and there is a flame coming out of the top of the J.

April 13th

Jim Garvey Memorial Disability Resources Expo

RCAL is proud to partner with Saint James Church to bring you resources to help you live independently in the community.  There will be workshops, resources, vendors, and more to assist you and your child navigate independence and living in the community.

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