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Van Modification Providers 

The following providers can provide evaluations, recommend equipment, and provide training for van modifications:

Kinderhook Rehab Technology Associates, Kinderhook, NY:  518-758-7887


• Lynn Matthes @ Helen Hayes Hospital, West Haverstraw, NY:  845-786-4809


• Meltzer’s Driver Training Center, Wappingers Falls, NY:  845-297-3966

• Hudson Automotive   In Highland, NY (845) 670-3544


• RETECH ASSOCIATES (Columbia County); Gail Babriad, PO Box 540,

Kinderhook, NY 12106; 1-800-987-2753 Email them at
Evaluations & recommendations for hand controls, but they do not carry out the modifications.


A useful resource for drivers with disabilities, family & caregivers of disabled drivers and passengers can be found at The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists.

DISCLAIMER: RCAL is providing the above list as a courtesy to assist you.  We are not recommending  or endorsing the business or agencies above. 

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