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 Open Doors Program 


 What is the Open Doors Program?

The Open Doors Program helps people move from institutions, like nursing homes and intermediate care facilities, to a home in the community.  A Transition Specialist is a person who is familiar with local resources and can meet with the individual and/or their family members to identify what services they will need and to help the individual access those services.


Those services may include:

  • Community Preparedness Education, to make sure that the individual has the information and skills needed when they return to the community.

  • Identifying specific services to meet the individual’s needs and assistance with getting those services put in place such as personal care aides or assistive technology.

  • Finding affordable, accessible housing that meets the individual’s needs through the Olmstead Subsidy Housing Program.

  • Introducing the individual to a Peer Mentor through the Open Doors Peer Program.

  • Applying for the Medicaid Waiver Program (NHTD and TBI)

  • Navigating the MMC + NYIA Assessment

  • Applying for the Good Neighbor Program

  • Applying for the Open Doors Phone Program, which allows you free cellphone service for a year while in a nursing home.

  • Applying for an Open Doors Food Card

  • Making a Health Homes Referral


The Transition Specialist is here to create a transition plan that will meet the individual’s needs and to help them move successfully into the community.  RCAL‘s Transition Specialists work with individuals who are currently in institutions within Ulster County and who want to live in a home in Ulster County.  They will also work with individuals living in an institution outside of Ulster county who would like to return to/live in Ulster County.

For more information about the Open Doors Program, please call (845) 331-0541 and ask for a transition specialist.

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