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Information & Referral 

Information and referral are important components to the services that we provide at RCAL. Ulster County offers a wealth of services to its residents from food pantries to dieticians, physical therapy services, medical services, legal and housing information, client advocacy, and financial support. Staff at RCAL can assist you in obtaining the information that you need in order to enjoy an enhanced quality of life. In keeping with our mission, RCAL staff members will refer their clients to all of the necessary services based on their client’s needs and desires.


The following list has a number of topics that RCAL may be able to provide information and referral for:

  • Medicaid eligibility/spend-down information

  • Legal services referral

  • Crime Victims services referrals

  • Job placement assistance and/or referral

  • Disabled-friendly gas stations

  • Home modification services information and referral

  • Respite/Caregiver information and referral

  • Subsidized housing/application information


This list is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to call 845-331-0541 to speak to a staff member who would be happy to assist you, based on your needs.

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