We are the Independent Living Center of Ulster County.

Founded in 1983, RCAL belongs to a network of approximately 62 Independent Living Centers scattered throughout New York State. RCAL’s founder, Joan Gundersen, saw a real need for education and advocacy after having become disabled herself. Today, RCAL continues to advocate for the rights and needs of individuals of all ages with disabilities.

The mission of Independent Living Centers is to enhance the ability of persons with all types of disabilities to determine their own destinies, participate in all aspects of society and contribute to and share their responsibility in community life. To this end, centers pursue objectives that address the personal needs of consumers as well as improve social and environmental aspects of their local communities.

RCAL staff assist individuals with negotiating systems – from housing and Social Security to education – so that they can maintain their independence in the community.

Please view the video below to learn more about what we do at RCAL.

Vision of RCAL, Inc.

Our vision is to create a fully accessible, integrated community without barriers for people with disabilities, and to assist and empower disabled individuals to live independently and participate in all aspects of community life.

Mission of RCAL, Inc.

Our mission is to assist people with disabilities open doors of opportunity and independence in the Ulster County region through self-determination by creating disability understanding and awareness, and access community-wide.