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Becoming a Board Member

RCAL believes people with disabilities should be empowered to control the direction of their own lives.  To this end, the successful governance of RCAL depends, in large part, on the commitment and quality of our governing Board of Directors.  We here at RCAL realize it is a serious commitment and want to provide you with enough information so you may decide if you would consider Board membership.

Overall Board of Directors Responsibilities:
1. Foster RCAL goals and objectives

  • Maintain legal fiduciary operation of Board of Director

  • Maintain RCAL as a progressive workplace and employer

  • Insure RCAL remains a barrier-free facility, employer, and service provider

  • Arrives at decision through discussion and consensus whenever possible

2. Promote and represent RCAL within the community
3. Monitor agencies adherence to Independent Living philosophy
4. Resource development and fundraising


What is the time commitment?

  • 6-10 hours per month

When does the board meet?

  • Every third Tuesday of each month at 4:45pm (with hybrid options!)

What committees are there to join?

  • You may join the fundraising and events committee, governance committee, or the finance and audits committee.  Every board member must be involved in at least one.

How do I apply?

To apply, please contact our office at (845) 331-0541 to schedule an appointment to meet with our CEO, Anthony Mignone.

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