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Other Resources 

Below is a list of resources that visitors may find useful. It is by no means comprehensive and it changes regularly. Clicking on the links below will provide you with more detailed information on each subject.

For a general listing of common acronyms, click here.

Resources for Youth & Families

Family of Woodstock Crisis Hotlines


Food Pantries & Soup Kitchens located in Ulster County, NY.

Medically-related Resources

Mid-Hudson Valley Low Vision Network Services.


RCAL’s Policy and Procedure on Grievance – Objection to and Appeal of Care and Treatment

Resources for Veterans

Make the connection - Community Veterans Mental Health Support   For Veterans, their families and friends 

 Other Disability-related Resources

List of Contractors That Do Van Modifications. A resource for anything van-related.

National Disability Institute - Assistive Technology and Financial Advice.

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