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Attention all Neurodiverse Individuals who are interested in starting a career in STEM‐based Manufacturing


Advanced Manufacturing Companies hire many skilled workers in the areas of:

Mechanical / Electrical Engineering Fabrication / CNC Machining Quality Inspection
& More … 

The Federal Administration for Community Living is supporting an industry led initiative to help create a pathway for people with Developmental Disabilities to enter into high skilled careers in the advanced manufacturing industry. FALA Technologies is partnering with RCAL and the Council of Industry to place selected candidates into an educational STEPs‐INTRODUCTION program in Applied Math, Graphic Literacy and Workplace Documents that includes career mentoring and site visits at local manufacturing companies. Successful graduates will receive National Career Readiness Certification and internships to prepare them for starting careers in manufacturing. Some graduates may also qualify for NYS manufacturing pre‐apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs. In addition, support services from disability organizations will be provided to both candidates and businesses to ensure candidates sustain long term employment and growth opportunities in high skilled, high paying advanced manufacturing careers. All candidates age 18 and over with skills and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, regardless of education level, and who like working with their hands to fix and make things are welcome to apply. 



For more information please email Hillary Nichols at

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