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Disability Awareness Program 

Disability Awareness Program: Blindness Education






Jaime Bunt, RCAL‘s Disability Awareness Instructor, visits schools and youth-related programs with her Guide Dog, Doug. She shares her life story of losing her sight and using a Guide Dog. Jaime shows the children some Braille, technology and gadgets that assist her. The children learn how someone who is blind can perform everyday tasks, just with accommodations.

Jaime’s everyday tasks and experiences are discussed in a Question and Answer format with the children. It is a very rewarding presentation that instills an awareness of, and education about abilities from someone with a disability.

A student survey question that was asked was “Why do you think it was important to hear about the life of a person who is blind?” We were permitted to share some answers below:

  • You see how other people live.

  • You learn facts about people with disabilities.

  • Because some of us think blind people can’t do what regular people can do.

  • If you become blind, you will know what to do.

  • To see how it feels to have a disability.

To learn more about the Disability Awareness Program, contact Jaime Bunt at 845-331-0541, x 13.

 I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for bringing Jaime into our class as a guest speaker. She certainly made an impact on the students and they were talking about her passion for life and about overcoming obstacles. Jaime is an inspiration to the human spirit.”

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