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This Year's Auction has ended, but there is still time to donate to assist RCAL with it's programming.
The Wonderfully Supportive Nancy Hall, our Featured Artist, has made these beautiful Giraffes for us this year. One and Only one Lucky Person will be able to take home this Gorgeous Piece. 
This Mickey Fabric in Frame is just a silly piece put together by our Executive Director for this auction.  If Mickey Heads excite you this Wall Art is for you. 
This Local Artist is a little Shy, and This Piece is a little scratched, but it is still beautiful.
Local Artist and ACCES-VR Counselor  Jennifer Jackowitz created this piece and was kind enough to support our Auction.  You can "Walk this Way" but if you are a RUN-D.M.C. Fan you bet-ter walk fast over to eBay and Bid. 
I want an RCAL Hat, Do you want an RCAL Hat?  No Bidding necessary (we have plenty). Use the link below and for a $50 donation there will be a Hat for you.  (Must use the I want a Hat Link)
You Like US, You Really Really Like Us. Make a Donation today. Click Below to make a $25, $50, or $100 Donation to support our programming.  Sorry Folks the Pumpkin is not included. 
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