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“Opening the Doors of Opportunity through Special Education”

*Bilingual (English and Spanish) services available with Gloria Toporowski

Accessing Education — Special Education Advocacy Program For Students With Disabilities

Advocacy for:

  • Early Intervention
  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten – High School
  • Transition Planning


Support to Parents

Resource Center for Accessible Living Special Education Advocates offer support to parents of children with all kinds of disabilities — emotional, social, learning, sensory — not just physical disabilities.

We Believe

. . . In the philosophy of educational integration for all students with disabilities.

. . . That all students with disabilities are entitled to grow up in a world which does not set them apart — which welcomes them — with all their strengths and weaknesses.

. . . That all students should be offered many opportunities that prepare them to live and participate in the real world.

We Help

. . . Parents, students and school districts coordinate reasonable, appropriate, inclusive educational programs.

Special Education Advocacy assistance and representation is available to parents of children with disabilities seeking aid fro educational systems and other areas as needed. Workshops on CSE Process, IEPs, Self-advocacy, as well as individual disabilities are offered at the Center.

Disability Awareness educates children and adults about disabilities and chronic illnesses to help dispel fears, myths and misconceptions about persons with disabilities. The goal is to foster positive attitudes and promote easier integration between children with disabilities and children without disabilities in schools and communities.

Service Coordination supports people with developmental disabilities in identifying and obtaining supports and services through choice and self-determination. Assists in all areas including work, finances, friends, leisure activities, medical issues and living arrangements.

Transition Planning assistance, information and resources for school-age students, their parents and family members, in preparation for the transition to adult life and services, post-secondary education and/or training, employment and independent living.