Healthcare Advocacy Efforts Continue

RCAL staff continue in their efforts to speak up about the impact that proposed funding cuts will have on individuals with disabilities.

Following the rally in front of John Faso’s office on July 7th, RCAL Systems Advocate Alex Thompson was able to meet on July 18th with Faso’s District Director. He discussed a number if issues, including the proposed Healthcare Bill, Social Security budget cuts, and the ADA Reform Act, which we oppose.

Alex Thompson also appeared on Kingston Community radio to talk about RCAL‘s services. The video can be viewed here.

Help for families with wandering adults and children

There is now a free program available to family members of adults with dementia and children with autism spectrum disorder who wander from home. According to this article in the Daily Freeman, Medicalert’s Safe Return Program provides family members with an ID bracelet and related services to help families bring their loved one back home safely. This service includes 24/7 emergency response and notification services, among other services.

Families who have a child enrolled at the Center for Spectrum Services can also enroll in the program if appropriate.

Family members can contact MedicAlert, the Hudson Valley Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, or the Center for Spectrum Services for more information.