Mission Fulfillment Standards

We advocate for people with any type of disability of any age and economic status to help dispel fears, myths and misconceptions, foster positive attitudes and promote easier integration in all aspects of our community.

We encompass services, programs, advocacy, and assistance for individuals with all kinds of disabilities – physical, emotional, social, learning, developmental, and sensory – visible and imperceptible.

We encourage, counsel and assist individuals with disabilities in their pursuit of independent living, employment, education, benefits and recreation.

We serve individuals, family members, schools, businesses, other not-for-profits, community groups, faith-based organizations, and government agencies.

We coordinate a system of services including child and adult protective, mental health, emergency and low-income housing, health care, long term care, transportation, and self-help support groups.

We include individuals with disabilities in all aspects of our organization, beginning with a majority representation on our Board of Directors.

We provide extensive services and programs, including disability awareness, support groups, peer counseling, lending library, service coordination, independent living skills training, transition planning, economic benefits advisement, home modifications, voter participation, community education and awareness, and an equipment loan closet.

We advise and support individuals with disabilities in actively developing and securing their legal, social, economic, educational and civil rights.

We help parents and guardians of students with disabilities work with their local school district to ensure that their student receives the services he or she needs to achieve academically.

We educate teachers and other professionals through special education, disability-related seminars and consultation.

We provide information and direction about accessibility and state and federal building code specifications for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We develop marketing strategies for businesses to attract disabled customers and employees.

We offer a review of personnel practices to assist employers who seek compliance with the ADA.

We market our programs and services through print, broadcast and electronic media, and personal interaction throughout Ulster County.

We foster community involvement through a volunteer Board of Directors representing a broad spectrum of geographic, business, disability and community experiences, knowledge and involvement, and through senior staff involvement and participation in other community organizations.

We contribute to the accessibility of Ulster County and the Mid-Hudson Valley by providing educational programs and services that assist businesses, community organizations, public facilities, and government agencies in understanding the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

We welcome public opportunities to speak and participate in state and regional panels and consortiums to heighten awareness of disability issues, and ADA understanding and compliance.