Ethics & Values Statement

We believe that people with any type of disability can and should make their own choices and decisions, and take control of all aspects of daily living – education, employment, housing, health care, recreation and community participation.

We actively pursue our philosophy of consumer self-determination at all levels of capacity and participation.

We serve all persons with disabilities regardless of ethnicity, economic status, age, or type of disability.

We possess a commitment to serve others as core to our work and volunteer efforts.

We respect the worth and dignity of individuals in need of and seeking our services, and amongst each other in our professional and volunteer capacities.

We are accountable to the public in all of our programs and services.

We work toward those values and ideals that demonstrate compassion and care for others.

We have a commitment to the public good as we serve and work under an assumption of public trust.

We apply the principles of openness and honesty in reporting, fund raising, and relationships with our constituencies.

We assure our own financial viability through prudent management and investment of resources; financial support from individual, corporate, foundation, and government supporters; and revenues generated from the promotion of programs and services.

We work to network and coordinate, not duplicate.

We support and encourage personal and professional development of skills, knowledge, and understanding of issues and practices related to our mission and vision.

We obey the laws governing tax-exempt philanthropic and voluntary organizations.